How is payment handled? 

Payment is handled by a digitally secure payment process called Fondy. All proceeds go directly to the project.


Is my payment guaranteed and safe? 

Yes, and yes. While payment goes directly to this project and to individual women, it is guaranteed by Help Ukraine - Operation Palyanytsya, an American NGO which has implemented over $2 mil. In humanitarian action projects since February 2022. Any questions - email matt@codukraine.org


How does shipping work? 

The first ‘batch’ of dolls are all located in the US, and will be shipped to you via DHL or USPS with full insurance and tracking. You will be emailed a tracking number and confirmation upon order. 


How much does shipping cost? 

Certified, insured shipping costs between $25 to $50, via DHL or USPS. 


How do I know that my purchase goes directly to help one of these displaced women? 

Help Ukraine - Operation Palyanytsya, an American NGO working with humanitarian response in Ukraine has implemented over 125 humanitarian projects totalling over $2 mil. since the war began. We have funded this project in full for 4 months, ending on January 31st, 2023 - which means all project costs are paid for by us.

We individually vet and verify this project’s budget and can even provide individual confirmation of funds received to a women’s family upon request.   


Is this all for real? 

Yup. We have worked with this project leader, Lusy, since March 2022. Do you have questions? Reach out to Matt, Head of Humanitarian Response for hu22.org, at matt@codukraine.org

Contact us

Ukraine: Lusy, Project Leader of “From Ukraine with Love” lusia.yurkova@gmail.com +380953677319

USA and EU: Matt, Head of Humanitarian Response for hu22.org, mail: matt@codukraine.org

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