Yana Nesviatypaska

Yana Nesviatypaska

This is Yana. She is from Kramatorsk Donetsk region. Prior to the full-scale invasion, Yana was a housewife, although she is a cook-confectioner. Her husband worked at the factory, well-earned, so there was an opportunity to do family.

Yana has two daughters - Kateryna (13 years old) and Diana (8 years old). Everything was good, many plans for the future. But everything turned into one moment with the beginning of the Russian offensive. Just around the house there was an explosion. No one of the family had felt such a fear before. Children were particularly affected. Then the couple quickly gathered the most necessary things and moved to their parents, not far from Kramatorsk. They hoped to go and then return home. But when they realized that it was a long time, they moved to Cherkasy. Her husband was without work, and Yana did not have it either. It is practically impossible to get into work. That is why the project of making toys allowed to survive in such a difficult situation.

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