Natalya Tkachenko

Natalya Tkachenko

Natalya Tkachenko is the "creative mother" of the cats sold on this website and the project's trainer. She taught women to knit toys and  now oversees the office's creative process. 

Prior to the project, she had no experience conducting master classes. However, she managed to cultivate a unique atmosphere in her classes and gain trust among women.  

She is always calm and balanced and treats all project participants with attention. Girls describe her as being both strict and caring. She enjoys seeing her students succeed and becomes anxious when things don't go as planned.

Natalya was forced to move from Bakhmut, a city that has become a symbol of Ukraine's invincibility. She and her husband were able to take only a few bags and things necessary for knitting into their new life.

Knitting toys for Natalie is equal to living. It saves her from despair and painful losses; adds strength, gives faith; and helps her overcome obstacles.

Her kindness and boundless love for "creative children" (as the participants call the products) are transmitted to the entire team and everyone who enters the office. From now on, it is spreading across the ocean to new owners.

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