Natalia Smedliaeva

Natalia Smedliaeva

Natalia Smedlyaeva and her family moved to Cherkasy from Bakhmut at the beginning of the invasion.

She and her husband have two adult children and are now raising a younger child. Natalia constantly talks about them— their success, achievements, difficulties, and how they overcome life problems together. When she talks  about her children her eyes light up with love and tenderness. She is very sincere and frank. She might laugh for a minute but with tears in her eyes. She has a good reason: Natalia is very worried about her son who fights in the east of Ukraine in the hottest spot on the front. Natalia sleeps with her phone and constantly thinks about him. At every opportunity she sends parcels filled with goodies to please him.

Natalia was born in Gorlivka, which has been occupied since 2014. She left behind her childhood home with all of her memories. She often remembers how her mother supported her and now tries to support her children in the same way. Hers is a close-knit, friendly family and willingly shares news with others. Anything she shares, whether sad or joyful, ends with the words: “Everything will be alright!”

Natalia is a creative and energetic woman. She embroiders and crochets. She is trying to improve her professional skills and is happy to participate in this project. Natalie is very motivated and ready to work hard to earn enough money  to provide for her family.

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