Maryna Syrous

Maryna Syrous

Maryna and her family moved to Cherkasy from Kharkiv. She is a veterinarian and worked in a zoo before resettlement. She liked the work in the store. Visitors often asked about clothes for their pets and Maryna found a way out - started to knit and individual things for dogs and cats.

In Cherkasy Marina also tried to arrange a seller in the zoo shop and other places. But she is refused because of her internally displaced person status. It is believed that IDP is not reliable workers and can return home at any time. It is difficult to explain to the local people that there is no place to return, and the settlers in Cherkasy are "taking the roots”. Now, already in the new project, Maryna’s the fastest at her job.

Marina grow her son independently and is glad that comfortable working conditions allow her to engage in his education.

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