Maria Zelenska

Maria Zelenska

Maria Zelenska came with her mother, daughter, and son to Cherkasy. Her husband remained in Kramatorsk for his military obligation. Maria is a financier and accountant. She also worked at a primary health care center. Maria found a job in Cherkasy and worked full-time, but hardly saw her children who were in great need of maternal attention at such a difficult time. Maria’s eldest daughter is disabled; she is autistic, so her mother cannot be away from home for long. Maria is grateful to knit when she can and for the flexible hours.

Maria knits well with needles, but has long dreamed of learning how to crochet. She remembers how long ago while in school she was required to knit openwork napkins. Knitting distracts Maria from sad thoughts during long anxious winter evenings with her family. Maria has a sincere child-like smile but has a very purposeful character. She is capable of solving any problem if she sets her mind to it. Her creativity, combined with the mathematical composition of her mind, favorably distinguishes Maria in the team.

When asked about her dreams and her life wishes, and where she would spend her money if she had enough, Maria, a young woman with a big heart did not hesitate to answer, “A rehabilitation center for children with disabilities”.

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