Larysa Kuzmichova

Larysa Kuzmichova

Larysa moved from Kharkiv and lives with her mother and sister. It is very bright dressed ladie and very cheerful. At first glance, it may be very inappropriate during the war, but Larisa attract other participants to a kind of optimism and do not to forget about themselves, about cultural and spiritual life. She initiates joint tours at theater performances, exhibitions in museums, trips.

She is distracts from sadness herself and her friends. behind her kind smile lies a heavy fate. She lost her husband, has disabilities, but still tries to live full life and be open to pleasant moments.

In her work she is very creative, adorns the executed cats very responsibly to this. Larisa knows that the cats should please the new owners. “My Children” - this is how she calls all the knitted toys and as if to blesses them in the far road.

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