Ksenia Omelchenko

Ksenia Omelchenko

Ksenia Omelchenko is from Kharkiv and is one of the youngest participants in the project. Ksenia was completing her second year in accounting at one of the higher educational institutions of Kharkiv when the invasion began.

Ksenia now lives in Cherkasy with her parents, her younger brother, and her grandparents.

Despite the fact that Ksenia had chosen an economic profession, she comes from a creative family. Her grandmother is a professional knitter, her grandfather is a famous sculptor in Kharkiv, and her mother embroiders.

Ksenia wants to master doll-making skills to be able to sell toys and pay for her education.

She is young, but ambitious and confident that she will succeed and be able to earn her own money, moving towards her dream of being an independent young woman.

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