Iryna Burla

Iryna Burla

Iryna Burla moved to Cherkasy from Velykonovoselivka, a village in the Donetsk region. Irina married into a large Greek family with its own special national flavor and traditions.

Irina moved to Cherkasy with her husband, mother-in-law, and her young grandson, Timothy. He lived with his parents in Donetsk, but often spent time with his grandparents. In fact, he was with them on February 24th when the invasion began. As a result, he moved with his grandparents separately from his parents. Ira and her husband have taken on the role of mother and father, caring for Timothy and doing all they can to ensure that the child does not experience psychological trauma due to his forced separation from his parents.

Ira knits to support her family financially. She is also incredibly kind, active, and energetic. She is very responsible in her work, knitting sophisticated clothes for the dolls.

Even though she knows her town of Velykonovoselivka has been destroyed, she dreams of returning home.

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