Iryna Azarenkova

Iryna Azarenkova

This is Iryna Azarenkova. She is from Kharkov. She says that she could not feel the war, until the shells began to break near to her house. Until died a woman, who stood in the queue for bread and from explosion lost her legs. Since that time, no one from the family has been sleeping in bed. They napped, sitting dressed in the corridor, because there was no metro or a bomb shelter nearby. The stress was accumulated, so they made a difficult decision to leave the city.

First they went to relatives in Kharkiv region. Live together 4 families (and this is 11 people) in one house. It was difficult. Then went to Cherkassy. It seemed that it was a safe city.

She is an ecologist. But who needs it during the war?

She suddenly saw the appearance of sewing training. Then she decided to try to learn the new. Moreover, Iryna likes to do something by hands. She knows how to sew, this process calms her. And the  sewing skill allowed to combine skill in products. In addition, Iryna always liked flap technique. 

She joined our new toy project. Her skills in embroidery, and now sewing, have become appropriate. She is very grateful to everyone, thanks to whom there is an opportunity to earn a living.

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