Irina Parkhomenko

Irina Parkhomenko

Irina Parkhomenko is from Kramatorsk. When Irina and her family came to Cherkasy, they did not know anyone in the city. They went with one goal - to move across the Dnipro River where it seemed safer.

When she is asked how things are going, she thoughtfully responds by saying "We were shot at" and then adds, "Kramatorsk was destroyed". Everyone knows she’s still thinking about her city.

Irina evacuated Kramatorsk together with her husband, brother-in-law, mother-in-law, and two favorite cats. Ira remembers her childhood and often recalls how her grandparents were creative people who gave her a love for sewing and making dolls. She is familiar with many sewing techniques and has worked in a sewing factory, so she is uniquely qualified to sew clothes for dolls. Now Irina is retired and has been thinking about how to spend her free time, but the harsh reality of the invasion has forced Irina to think about earning money for her family and caring for her sick mother-in-law. Irina worried that her slow knitting would let her team down, but with the coach’s support she has come to believe in herself and can continue to knit doll clothes with great inspiration.

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