Anastasia Rats

Anastasia Rats

As Anastasia Rats listened to the other girls’ stories, she said, “I’m not so bad off.” It’s true that she is not displaced and has not lost her home. However, the more she spoke, we realized that this an extraordinarily strong woman. She is a single mother of three children, one with disabilities with a diagnosis of  PTSD. Anastasia is very applied in her work. She is often self critical and strives to improve her work.

Nastya has been creative since childhood. Her mother worked as an embroiderer at a local factory and often took work home to finish projects she wasn’t able to complete during the day. Her daughter wanted to support her mother so much that she helped when she could. After ten years, Nastya was able to embroider towels for production. She has many creative skills; she threads and beads, and tries to make toys by following YouTube videos. Even with all her experience, Nastia is embarrassed  to sell her dolls for money. With the support of the coach and her teammates,  Nastia has overcome her self-consciousness and can positively assess her work and believe in herself and her efforts.

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